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8-Note Scales

For th
e purpose of 4-part jazz harmonization, all scales are thought of as 8-note scales. Each scale is constructed with the four notes from a "6" type chord or a "7" type chord, and four notes from the °7 chord ½ step below the root of the "6" or "7" chord.

When referring to 8-note scales derived in this way, we write maj6/dim, min6/dim, dom7/dim, dom7(b5)/dim, and dim/dim (or "double diminished"). They can also be described as chord-scales.

The following table compares the traditional 7-note scale to the 8-note scale, for each of the fundamental 4-note Chords:

Chord Symbol
Construction on C
Traditional Scale
8-Note Scale
maj 6  C    E     G    A   C  D    E    F   G          A  B C  D  E   F  G   Ab  A    Cb
min 6  C    Eb   G    A   C  D    Eb  F   G          A  B C  D  Eb F  G   Ab  A    Cb
dom 7  C    E     G        Bb   C  D    E    F   G          A  Bb C  D  E   F  G   Ab  Bb   Cb
dom 7(b5)  C    E     Gb      Bb   C  Db  Eb  Fb Gb  Ab      Bb C  D  E   F  Gb Ab  Bb   Cb
dim 7  C    Eb   Gb      Bbb (A)   C  D    Eb  F   Gb  Ab  A  B C  D  Eb F  Gb Ab  Bbb Cb



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