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Theory Nuggets

e Basic Principles of Functional Harmony are constantly applied in Bebop and Modern Jazz harmonization. These principles can lead to interesting Re-workings of a tune's original chord functions. They are presented below as Theory Nuggets:

Theory Nugget N.1
All V (or V7) chords can be preceded by ii7 or ii7(b5) chord.

Theory Nugget N.2
A V7 chord is equivalent and interchangeable with a vii7b5 or vii°7 chord: both lead to I.

Theory Nugget N.3
A diminished 7th chord can behave as any one of 4 dominants, each dominant being a major 3rd  below each note of the diminished chord. Consequently, every dominant is related to three other dominant chords, a minor third apart from each other.

Theory Nugget N.4
V7b5 chords can resolve down ½ step as well as up a 4th . Explanation N.4



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