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To become a Super User, you must upgrade an installed version of HarmonyBuilder-Demo. This provides access to a "Save to Hard Disk" button in the HarmonyPlayer applet, which allows you to save compositions e-mailed to you as links to a private database, or to save any of the compositions in the public HarmonyHub Archive or the HarmonyHub Forum.

Furthermore, when you login to the HarmonyHub Forum as a Super User, you will gain access to the "Open (From Disk)" button in the Editor applet, allowing you to import to the Forum any compositions stored on your hard disk.

To login to as a Super User, you must:

  • Go to the login page for either the Archive or Forum;
  • Use the e-mail you used to activate HarmonyBuilder;
  • Use the computer on which HarmonyBuilder has been activated.

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