Percussion > Poly-rhythm

Coming soon!                                                                   

An on-line application that will allow you to play different percussion instruments with
different rhythms (binary and ternary), and in different combinations.
You will savor the complex poly-rhythms that emerge!

Instruments can be selected from the drop menu, and activated or deactivated with the check box.
When the 'Start' button is pressed, the rhythms will play in a continuous loop.

Here are some examples of possible combinations:

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5
Example 6

Below is an image of the panel (it does not work yet!)

The panel at the bottom allows you to hear what the various percussion instruments sound like (click on each instrument).


A similar concept can be heard here. Click on the horses' heads.
Note, however, that the sound is NOT synchronized.